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Hello Readers,

So unintentionally my blog looks very bam here’s a review, BAM here’s another which is something I didn’t want so I’m going to try and make up for it now.

As well as going to YALC for the last three years in a row, I usually cosplay which is like following the rabbit down the rabbit hole. It starts with just a dabble and then all of a sudden bam you own wigs, contact lenses and gain a large collection of makeup.  I love YALC but I also enjoy comic con I love exploring all the film memorabilia and everyone else’s cosplays. 

 My first year
I made so many rookie mistakes it was unbelievable as I was only there for one day but I did graduate a couple of days before then did harry potter studio tour. During this one day I managed to fit in two photo shoots, two book signings and I somehow managed to grab a couple of proofs looking back I have no idea either.

My second year
I thought I would put into practice what I learnt from the year before and this year being the first year I would attend all three days and decided I would cosplay. For each of the days I chose a different cosplay Wednesday Addams, Lydia Deetz and a Slytherin student (I’m not going to lie I just wanted the robes).  My experience from this year’s cosplay was that Lydia was a complete miss I ended up looking like one of the cast of American Horror Story: Coven so I got to style out my miss. I take the total blame for the miss I didn’t really fully commit to wanting to wear wigs or contacts. With this year being spread out over the three days I tried to plan one big thing for each day but still even with two photo shoots on one day I manged to fit everything I wanted in. The big thing I learnt form this year was it gets hot stupidly quick and be prepared for it and books are heavy.

My Third year
You would think this year I would have learnt to prepare for the heat, heavy books and cosplay ideas, but again I kind of missed again. This year I copied two cosplays from last year I just switched Lydia for Lady Hades (Disney) this missed the mark like Lydia the year before.

I tried to hipster/teen out Hade as I didn’t want to paint myself grey with the heat. I took what I thought were the main components his yellow eyes, blue hair and the trade mark cigar, that wasn’t enough as people asked me who I was most of the day. What I decided to add really shows the Greek History nerd in me, I got fake tattoos of items that are associated with Hades such as the Helm of Hades, the ferry man and some symbols of death. I also added some of the creatures associated with Hades through the Disney film such as Cerberus, the fates, the Minotaur to name a few.  I also wore a single black pearl as a nod to Persephone and her pearls.  

Personally, I loved it so I guess that’s all that matters in the long run.

Again, I tried to keep the one big thing a day plan from the year before but kept the Sunday free so I could enjoy the last day without worrying about anything. Luckily the book signings and talks with authors I wanted to see matched up with my plans. Also, the two photo shoots I had were on the Friday before the con got really busy this in hindsight was a really good idea and I would recommend it. Having a good sturdy backpack was a godsend with film memorabilia and books.

This brings us to year 4 this year I am buying a small handheld fan! I will not forget this year! I am also feeling super lazy this year and will be using a cabin size suitcase to carry my books that’s because I have set myself I kind of slightly over ambitious 8 books to get signed and no doubt I’ll pick up more walking round.  

This year my cosplays seem to be pretty straight forward keeping Wednesday Addams . The third I’m hoping to do Lady Jack Skellington I am obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas (useless fact we’re the same age). I am planning on using a more stylised make up to get away without painting myself white. I’m also keeping the idea of the costume pinstripe blazer and trousers but instead of a Victorian shirt (original plan) I have decide on a white chiffon shirt to keep cool.

As we get closer to YALC I will keep people posted and will probably do a what’s in my bag survival type post

L x


  1. Any tips for cosplaying for the first time? I'm tempted this year and have an idea in mind as they're just a normal clothed character rather than costumed.

    1. Hi Megan,
      Go for it, pick someone you love or something that looks comfortable.
      My Tips would be something that isn't too hot or two big as convention can get pretty busy also if you can get away with it flat shoes.

      L x


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