Bookish Post

Hello Readers,
Today you get a bonus post because I’m too excited to wait till tomorrow

I entered an Instagram competition for a book and I won wooooo!  The book I won is called The Dark Decent of Elizabeth Frankenstein and I have honestly been excited to read it after it popped up on my one of my fellow bloggers NetGalley request list and she told me all about it so thanks to bibliojordan for telling me about this book she can be found at A Heart Full of Stories

Synopsis from Penguin Random House
The Frankenstein legend as you’ve never seen it before, as told by New York Times bestselling author Kiersten White! You will not be able to put down this stunning and dark reimagining of the Mary Shelley classic told from the point of view of Elizabeth, Victor Frankenstein’s adopted sister, timed for the 200th anniversary.

Publish date: Around 25th September 2018

I would like to say thank you to Stephanie Perkins my cute little package, for the ARC of The Dark Decent of Elizabeth Frankenstein and Kiersten White for signing it.