On Wednesday we wear black

Hello Readers,

Today I thought we would give book reviewing a break and I would talk some more about my cosplay evolution of Wednesday Addams so to speak 

So, my Wednesday cosplay has evolved over the years.
The first year it was just a basic black peter pan dress with a white collar, a headless doll and no makeup or wig.

The second year I saw Addams Family the musical and took some inspiration from Carrie Hope Fletcher's costume. This year I used the dress from the year before but added a slightly poofy skirt on top and hid the connection behind a waist belt. This year I went all out so to speak with both makeup and a wig.

As you can see this year I had some fun with some Disney Princesses remember guys “Why be a Disney princess when its much more fun to be Wednesday Addams”

So this year I am going the same direction costume wise but I got possessed by Wednesday and ordered a coffin bag and this year I will wear flat shoes.

L x