Ravenscry by Ed McDonald Review (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

Spoiler Free Review but I do reference the first book in the series Blackwing
I think this is one of the hardest spoiler free reviews I have done so it will be a very limited review till late June early July to give others a chance before I reveal all the details.

Thank you, NetGalley for the chance to read this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review.

Ed McDonald kept everything I loved from the first book in the series Blackwing, the setting, the slightly morally corrupt but highly likeable characters (Tnota, Nenn and Dantry), the way he manages to keep the reader guessing with wonderfully constructed and unpredictable events is a definite testament to his writing style.  I love that both books kept me guessing till the very end.

The book is set in a brilliantly creepy world that is unique and not a place I want to live as I seem to be stupidly unlucky and most things seem to want to kill you. That, along with the unpredictability of the story make for an exciting read. The Misery is a very apt name and it certainly lives up to it, with creatures wanting to kill you, the enemy wanting to kill you and the Misery itself wanting to kill you. In other words, everything is against you. Without going into details there are some moments that were genuinely heart breaking. The story reads well and at a good pace. Although for me, I found Ravencry a little more personal in places compared to Blacking but that might be due to already being invested in the characters.

Revencry picks up about four years after the events at the end of Blackwing. Ryhalt Galharrow's still doing what he does best (partying hard and giving into his vices). The story opens with Ryhalt meeting with an old acquaintance who wishes to trade some information and things go south. Whilst all of this is happening, mysterious sightings of a mystical apparition are increasing and to make matters worse, a new cult has emerged around these encounters (clearly no connection).

That is all I am saying I don't trust myself to say anymore without spoilers all I can say is read both books! I loved them and they are worth a read.

L x