Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol. 1 by Greg Smith, Michael Tanner, Zach Lehner

Hello Readers,

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The Junior Braves of Tribe 65 are off on a camping trip to celebrate spring break, after a week of roughing it and learning survival skills from their leader they return home. But, nothing could possibly prepare them for what they face upon their return to their hometown: everyone they love is gone, and instead, the streets are filled with mutant zombies.  Now they must use the skills they have learnt to stay alive and figure out what happened to their families. Things quickly get scary when they are unlucky enough to get separated from their tribe leader. If the boys are  going to figure out what happened to their town and their families, they’re going to have to stick together and use everything they know. The book even manages to sneak in some actual survival knowledge.

The plot itself is pretty solid and the characters are well developed. The group of boys consist of an extensive range of personalities that aren’t stereotypically boring as they have well written personalities and are physically recognizable from the start of the book.

The zombie apocalypse theme isn’t particularly new but watching these kids try to deal with the remainder of humanity is engaging. The artwork, with its gruesome depictions of the zombies and sparse colours, really helps to tell the story. Also, credit where its due it manages to steer clear of overt graphic violence and uses no profanity. And the story didn’t suffer one bit. They honestly wrote a tense, scary, exciting story without relying on shock gore or over the top language its honestly brilliant.

Its and interesting read and worth a look if you would like to see a more innocent (so to speak) look into a zombie/mutant apocalypse

L x