Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton

Hello Readers,

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This it isn't your stereotypical run of the mill, zombie apocalypse novel, Pixie takes the zombie genre and gives it her own thrilling unique twist. The story focuses on the relationships between Alyx and her family and starts long after the “infection” has spread. The main group of characters have already survived in the apocalypse for years on a peaceful settlement, safe from the dangers from the outside world only to realise that they were never truly safe. The book isn’t only about survival but also how to keep yourself and your family together in the disastrous consequences of the apocalypse.

The story is told from Alyx’s point of view she is strong teenager facing her own problems but you still get to see the fun side and that she is still a teenager going through her own teen problems. To clarify you can still tell she’s a teenager unlike some dystopian books where you need to remind yourself the age of the main characters. I think it makes her more relatable I couldn’t think of being in this situation at her age. Alyx is honestly amazing and kickass with some emotional problems (she’s a teenage girl it happens) and a little brother she needs to protect from the infected world. I love the way the that Pixie describes her characters, their emotions, and the world around them which makes her characters so well developed and easy to relate too.

This novel takes an already done genre and carves its own unique mark through the zombie apocalypse genre. It’s captivating without being cliché and stays unpredictable. While zombies are definitely an issue in this, the family aspect is the real focus which I think is a refreshing take on the genre. The book pulls you into a new world and once you are there it’s hard to leave. The plot is paced wonderfully as I felt a sense of urgency and importance without losing any details or characterisation. There is a good amount of action and drama, but also time to get to know the characters and their personalities.

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