What's inside my YALC bag

Hello readers,

Seeing as we are just 28 days away from LFCC and YALC I thought I would do a what’s in backpack post.

First off you will need a good backpack
You are going to need stuff, then you'll buy a lot of stuff and then you might lucky enough to pick up and ARC or two. I swear by my The Nightmare Before Christmas bag its large enough for keeping the essentials with space to add to it.

 A (Good) Mobile Power Bank
While you think your phone has an all-day battery, once it enters the arena that is a fully packed convention centre, it'll be begging for juice like a hobbit needs a second breakfast.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture great moments during conventions

If you haven't been to a convention before, you may not realise that Sharpies are one of the most important things you can have in your kit. I swear by my Sharpies and always carry a couple extra just in case anybody’s runs out or gets lost. I think I even gave a couple away to authors last year as theirs ran out. 

Anti-stench tools
It may come as a shock to some people that deodorant is classed as an essential! However, if you've ever been inside a packed exhibit hall on the last day of the convention, then you know it can be a little pungent.  It's hot and you're sharing a space that's overflowing with people. It's going to smell funky. While we're on the subject of odour control, don't forget the breath mints or gum, your mouth gets dry and not so fresh.

Anti-Bacterial Countermeasures
While you are walking around a lot, you will come into close contact—sometimes almost too close contact—with thousands and thousands of people.  (You may get after convention flu it’s a thing).

This is one of the most important things you can have on you. While it could be possible some of the vendors might take credit cards, you will run into a few who don't and those people just might be selling what you want.

Water is good. It keeps you hydrated when you're stuck in a line or taking a moment out for yourself. It keeps you cool when you spend most of the day indoors.

Convention food isn’t the healthiest or the most affordable. Help your body and wallet out by packing your own snack, fruit, and granola bars. There is a Tescos across from Olympia but it gets a little sad due to the sheer number of people who visit from the convention.

What is in my bag
N  Chapstick
N  Charge cables (plus a spare)
N  Cosplay SOS kit (not pictured)
N  Deodorant
N  Gum
N  Hand sanitisers (the bat)
N  Notebook and pen
N  Perfume spritzer
N  Power banks
N  Purse
N  Sharpies
N  Small hairbrush (self-contained hair ties)
N  Snacks
N  Tissues
N  Water
N  Wet ones (freshen up wipes)

L x