Book and a Brew July 2018

Hello Readers,
I thought I would share my unboxing of this month’s book and brew each month there isn’t really a theme so it’s a surprise, obviously if your box hasn’t arrived yet spoilers. I am a little sad to say I am postponing book and a brew for a month or two because I'm running out of places to store my tea.


The tea
The tea is by Leaves of the World and is called Mr Turmeric and his 46 friends, to quote the leaves of the world website “I’m an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, a natural antioxidant, and I can help improve brain function too. My friends have many health benefits too, and my Maté tea will help raise your energy levels. You’ll need some of me in your diet. I am a superhero”. I love with the lose leaf teas they include biodegradable reusable (2-3 times) drawstring tea bags.  I enjoyed the taste of the tea it was different to what I expected but it was still nice.

The book
Isabel, born into the British Raj, and Asha, a young Hindu girl, both consider India their home. Through mischance and accident their stories intersect and circumstances will bring them from the bustling city of Delhi to the shores of the Andaman Islands, from glittering colonial parties to the squalor and desperation of a notorious prison; and into the lives of men on opposing sides of the fight for self-government.

As the shadow of the Second World War falls across India, Isabel, caught up in growing political violence, has to make impossible choices – fighting for her love for India, for the man she yearns for, and for her childhood Indian friend, in the face of loyalty to her own country. 

L x