Christmas Eve Box

Happy Christmas Readers,
Each year Mother Goose and I get each other new pjs and some naughty snacks this evolved into bags and now boxes. It’s not something we go over the top with and it’s something we’ve always done.

The Contents  
T  Something to drink out off (mug or glass)
T  Pjs
T  Chocolate buttons to make hot chocolate with it (try it)
T  Marshmallows
T  Chocolate coins
T  Favourite sweets
T  Bath Bomb (not in the box)
T  Terrys chocolate orange

Other things to include
T  Christmas movie
T  Christmas book
T  Slippers
T  Festive bedding
T  fleece blankets
T  Board game 
T  Pyjamas
T  Popcorn
T  Bubble bath
T  Tiny cans of pop

As its Christmas Eve I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow however you celebrate

L x