Don't get your tinsel in a tangle

Happy Christmas Readers,

Today we’re looking at Christmas Prep and for me planning ahead is the best way to save my sanity! This year I’m going to try mainly shop small for my main Christmas gifts for my nearest and dearest this is because I’ve used the shops to buy birthday items and the person loved them so why change it.

I like to think I’m organised at Christmas but I’m not. I feel like I have everything under control and do it all in one go however once I’ve done it, I then panic everything isn’t right. I do the same thing every year and I’ve got to the point where I’m like screw it!  

I will be honest I hate wrapping! I can’t do it nicely or make it look pretty, boxes I’m screwed if it is an awkward shape, I’m usually okay. 

This year I added to my Disney bauble collection by raiding Primark. Not long after Halloween, they released some Halloween themed baubles which I thought would complement my Disney Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments and they do. Also, from Primark, I picked up the Beauty and The Beast tree figures and Mickey and Minnie ears.

Don’t forget self-care during the holiday season the hectic hustle of the holiday season can take its toll on anybody. Once you’ve got everything sorted you can finally settle down and then it is finally time to kick back, relax, and give yourself a little holiday cheer. And if you don't who really cares anyway we put way to much pressure on ourselves now days, enjoy what Christmas really means to you.  

Most importantly enjoy yourself

L x