Off-Island by Marlene Hauser

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Sophie and Matador for sending me a copy of Off-Island by Marlene Hauser for free in exchange for an honest review


Marlene writes about tough and challenging situations that delve into some sensitive topics such as abortion.

Krista is a highly passionate and complex character who is our main protagonist. Krista’s life comes to a standstill when she discovers that she is pregnant and is faced with the real world and having to make her own decisions. Krista tries to find a solution on her own, rejecting any offers of support from those who care for her. Unsure of what she wants she leaves her boyfriend to go back to the place of her idyllic childhood summers at Martha's Vineyard. We gain a lot of emotional empathy for Krista thanks to Marlene’s fantastic writing style. Krista is ultimately deciding her own fate and trying to take control of her life

Although the book is set in the eighties i feel it still resonates with the tough choice’s women face today. The writing is sensitive and but doesn't shy away from the emotional pressure’s women can face. Marlene deserves credit for choosing to write about such a difficult topic, in a mindful way. The places are described so well by Merlene that I could vividly picture New York and Martha’s Vineyard. I will be honest I found it a little slow to start and Krista took a while to get used to but I soon found myself fully invested in the story.

I think Marlene has done a brilliant job of creating a book that makes you question a few things. ‘Off-Island’ ultimately is a book about hard choices.

L x