Distortion (Phobos book 2) by Victor Dixen

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This review may contain spoilers for both Ascension and Distortion

Today we are going back to one of my favourite book series set in space the wonderful Phobos series by Victor Dixen. Books in the Phobos series Ascension, Distortion and Collision (18/04/2019). When I read Ascension by Victor Dixen earlier this year I immediately fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to read the next book in the series. I was lucky enough to launch the blog tour for the book in November but I was unfortunate to not have read the book before the launch.

I am so happy I took my time to read it and thoroughly enjoy it, I feel that Victors books are not to be read in a rush. Just a little housekeeping before we delve in too deep the books were originally written in Dutch and then translated into English. The final instalment will be a highly anticipated read of 2019 for me.

Having loved Ascension, I had pretty big expectations for Distortion and I was so worried about the second book as the Phobos series is a three-book series and sometimes the middle book suffers from middle child syndrome. Specifically considering the intense build-up to the second novel and the dramatic cliff-hanger ending of Ascension. I didn't think the plot could surprise me anymore and I was so wrong. 

The book starts with the momentous question: to carry on to Mars or to turn around and head back to earth?

The second instalment of The Phobos series continued to explore the development of the characters, whilst retaining their integrity and not relying on cheap plot twists just to keep your interest. the inevitable drama that was bound to ensue like most reality shows, allows the reader to get an in-depth look at the characters. A lot of the books focus is strengthening the relationships between the twelve and how the insta-love between the contestants shows their youth and sad childhoods, and how much they enjoy their current roles. I really enjoyed this but there is a part of me that thinks they still don’t really know each other. I’m thinking this is bound to be an exciting aspect in the next book or that I don’t trust anyone in book worlds either way works.

We see the Mars Pioneers landing on their new home. New layers are revealed as the book continues, the descriptions of the advertisements that the competitors made for the show is a clearrepresentation of the world and money-orientated society that they're a part of and chose to left behind. I did enjoy the new landscape, accommodation and the farming area and how all the characters interacted with it. I found interesting and it was really easy to imagine and picture the new lives of the 12. Like Ascension, this book is complete with annotated and detailed diagrams that really help with understanding and world building

Another fabulous book from Victor Dixon, great writing, and the concept of this series still remains unique and exciting. I am beyond fully invested in this series and I need book three desperately.

I feel like so many of my questions were answered but many more questions have been created and now I’ve ended up on the edge again Victor Waiting till 18/04/2019!
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  1. Ooh excellent review!
    I loved how the adverts were painting a completely different picture of the contestants based on what we see of them in the ship and on Mars.
    Cora | http://teapartyprincess.co.uk/


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