Guideline update transparency

Hello Readers,
To keep up to date with the new government guide lines

Any form of reward, including money, gifts of services or products, or the loan of a product, is ‘payment’ – whether you originally asked for it or got sent it out of the blue (e.g. ‘freebies’). Influencers receive freebies because of their high public profile and because brands or businesses hope they might post about them in return. If you have not purchased a product or service yourself, but received it free, make this clear.

Practices we have seen, which we consider do not go far enough to comply with the legal requirements, include: using ambiguous language without additional disclosure in a post (for example ‘thank you’; ‘made possible by’; ‘in collaboration with’; or ‘thanks to…’)

Past relationships matter too. Even if you don’t have a current relationship with a brand

Any blog posts that Thank anybody be it a person or a publishing house I have been gifted for free. I thought this was clear but under the new guidelines (updated 23/01/2019) saying Thank You is no longer considered an acceptable declaration. So, I am stating it clearly in this post before it bites me in the bum. For transparency I have been lucky enough to gifted products for free by the following
·         NetGalley (e-books)
·         The Author Murray Bailey (books)
·         Quirk House Books(books)
·         Pan MacMillan (books)
·         The Author  Mike Russell through Jay (e-book)
·         Matador Publishing  (books)
·         The Author Lana Grace Riva(book)
·         Canelo publishing (books)
·         The Author Richard Titus(e-book)
·         Geeky Melts (Wax Melts)
·         Thrust Books (book)
·         Stephanie Perkins twitter competition (book)
·         The Author David Meredith(book)
·         The Author Neena H Brar (e-book)
·         The Author Nikki Rae (e-books)
·         Edelweiss+ (e-book)
·         Harpercollins (e-book)
·         The Author Leonora Meriel (e-book)
·         LibraryThing (e-books)
·         Booktasters NonFiction (e-book)

 I will be adding this post via a link to my review policy page. 

I will now be adding “this was provided free of charge from ******** ” into my reviews after the thank you because for me personally it’s more important to say thank you. I've used the word transparency because if there is any change in the guidelines I have already mentioned the people I have been lucky to work with and why not be open about it even though I thought I was.

L x