Let’s talk about....Book Piracy

Hello Readers,
Before we start, I know I am probably preaching to the converted. Nevertheless, after seeing some of the negative comments that Samantha Shannon got for calling out pirate links to The Priory of the Orange Tree. The book isn’t being released for another 23 days (from when the link was posted now 20 Days). I had to weigh in, its irritating me so this might be a little ranty sorry.

Samantha has rightfully stated on twitter that “Someone has looked at the product of more than three years of my life and judged it to be worth nothing. Not even the price of a coffee. Nothing.” I Agree with her! Someone had the audacity to actually reply, “I disagree. Someone likes your book enough to post it online. *Blah Blah* You should try to see it as free advertising.” 


If you’re in the “free advertising” Club Goodbye leave my blog

So many authors have put blood, sweat, tears and so much more into their book than we will ever know. Anyone who truly loves and respects books and their authors wouldn’t pirate books online I’m sorry its simple!

Free advertisement would be a reviewing or tell people about the book simple! I wasn’t lucky enough to get an early copy of Priory and I chose not spoil its by reading the NetGalley sample. However, I have been posting when the book will be released because I am honestly excited to get my hands on it. Look how harmless that free advertising was!

I genuinely believe Authors are not attacking people who are too poor to afford their books, or anyone who can’t access a library! They are protecting their intellectual property and the time and effort that has gone into producing a unique world. Not everyone has the imagination or the determination to sit down and think of all the small details that go into a world that even us as readers may miss only notice in a reread.

Research by the Publishers Association has shown that most Ebook pirates tend to be from better off social and economic groups, and are aged between 31 and 50-something. Let’s be honest not really the group people who can’t afford books.

Every fiction book ever written is its own unique fully functional world that has been pulled out of someone’s imagination, imagine spending all that time and effort for someone to basically tell you all that work is not worth nothing not even the paper it’s printed on.

Authors have had trilogies cancelled through publisher because a of couple hundred people had pirated the book instead of buying, it has disastrous repercussions. Pirating the first book in a series can mean that publishing cancels book two its simple as that.   

 Shock! Horror! authors need to be paid. Authors can inspire new generations to think outside of the box and to achieve something and that deserves recognition. Once more for the people at the back Anyone who truly loves and respects books and their authors wouldn’t pirate books online!!!

L x