Dead[ish] (Deadish #1) by Naomi Kramer

Hello Readers,
Quick head up with this book is a short and Naomi’s humour might not be for everyone there's sex, death and lots of swearing, it's an engaging story and is told in a unique and interesting way. Having said that this short book was right up my street I have the same sense of humour as Naomi and I've read the DEADish series more than once. There are Spoilers in this review!
 I really enjoyed the premise of this story. Linda has had a very bad day her boyfriend Mike killed her. What he didn't expect was for Linda to come back as a ghost and try and mess with his life because he killed her. Linda's woke up, still on this plane of existence as she is unable to move on until she locates her missing body and Mike won't tell her what he did with it. So, Linda does what any of us would do as a ghost in this situation she haunts the hell out of him and plays pranks trying to avenge her untimely death. 

Linda pulls some hilarious pranks, I especially enjoyed the one when Mike woke up to discover Linda had dyed his hair blue, eyebrows green and skin orange or when the cops arrive at his house due to a noise complaint and he ends up going to jail thanks to the pot plants Linda has placed in the living room.  I'm all for disgruntled ghost causing havoc for those that wronged them in life, and Linda is absolutely brilliant as a vengeful ghost. Never mess with a woman like Linda, especially a ghost Linda! Amid all the pranks Linda hires a private detective, Trent, to find her body so she can try and find closure. On the brink, Mike seeks out an exorcist to rid himself of his vengeful ex. Unfortunately for him, his "exorcist" is actually a private investigator hired by Linda.

Naomi did an amazing job of giving us an exciting, enjoyable and funny read and the tone is very casual and the dialogue is exactly what you would expect from the characters. The development of the story through the various perspectives of the characters involved kept it interesting and for every new discovery, I found myself laughing and intrigued. This book has a great twisted sense of humour to carry you through. Full of sarcasm, wit, and you can't pack more into such a little book. Plus, the pranks the Linda pulls are priceless.

L x