Happy Early Birthday To Me

Hello Readers, 

Seeing as tomorrow is my 26th birthday I feel that I should have some sort of words of wisdom or a list of 26 things to do with blah blah blah kind of post. 

But instead, let’s talk about adulting! It’s only as you get older you realise that everyone is making it up as they go along, no one really knows what to do and everyone is in some form of a mess. Adulting is hard; there is so much pressure that we put on ourselves or that we feel from others, it took me way too long to realise that I really needed to stop comparing myself to others for my own sanity.  I am on my own path and if I followed everyone else, I wouldn’t be blogging - so who’s really winning here! ME the person surrounded by book and wonderful and welcoming blogging community. 

I do have one or two words of wisdom though.  

First off, no matter what you do with your life, people will find something negative to say. Let’s ignore the negativity and toxicity those people have and make yourself burn brighter than they thought. If we're honest, if we listened to every piece of negative feedback, we would all be sat in a dark room counting cracks in the tiles. Who really wants to be doing that? 

The second is you are allowed to cut toxic people out of your life without feeling guilty. You cannot change people and if that person is having a negative effect on your life and mentality, you have to limit your interactions with that person for your own sanity and self-care.  I’ve realised that I can’t control the situation (sorry anxiety but it’s true) or change people into something they’re not and it’s counterproductive and I’m the only one suffering. People are who they are and are set in their ways for their own reasons. 

Also stealing words from Zombieland “celebrate the little things” no matter how obscure and insignificant they seem to others, they are your victories! 

L x