Loved by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Hello Readers, 
Thank you P. C. Cast for sending me a copy of Loved for free in exchange for an honest review. Spoiler warning. 

I want to say I will stop freaking out that P. C. Cast knows who I am.  I don’t think younger me can take it anymore without exploding into a glitter ball but I promise this is the last blub about it. 

I can't believe Zoey and the gang are back and I'm so pleased they are! This is a great set of books and I absolutely loved them when I was a teenager.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed them all. I freaking love that the Nerd Herd and the House of Night world is back and facing a new adventure and I honestly couldn’t wait to join them. Of course, this series has a lot of background already, but I was sucked in from beginning to end. Again. 

Unfortunately, darkness is rising and the gang has to postpone Zoey's birthmas celebrations. Diving into this story was like coming home to something I hadn't realized I had missed so much. It has been one year since Zoey and the rest of the gifted group cast a spell to rid the world of Neferet once and for all. Everybody had gone separate ways and  have begun living their lives as fully changed Vampyres. It seems as though Zoey and her friends definitely got have more work to do, with a twist. I enjoyed how the Cast’s introduced new characters that totally makes the tale go forward in a good way. I really liked seeing the characters face demons they hadn't faced before. 

Zoey and her Nerd Herd face a whole new set problem when they accidentally open a way for red vamps from another dimension of Tulsa to enter their world. As chaos hits their home, Damien and Zoey recognise some of this evil horde of zombie-like creatures. Meanwhile, Aphrodite is dealing with her own demons. Together with Grandma Redbird, and Nyx of course, the crew find that Love, always, is the way. Random appreciation for Grandma Redbird she has the best advice. I am so happy she's involved and how much she cares for Zoey and her friends. It's so wonderful to see her interactions with the Nerd herd and how much they love, respect and listen to her.  The characters are just as amazing as they were in the first series. 

After finishing up the last book of the House of Night, I felt like I lost some friends so I'm happy I have the Nerd Herd back. It was so amazing reading about these characters again and I’m so happy that the other world series has happened. I cannot wait to see what happens next but make sure you read the original series before you start this one. It's definitely worth it!