Singapore Boxer by Murray Bailey

Hello Readers,  
Thank you, Murray Bailey, for sending me Singapore Boxer for free in exchange for an honest review 

This is the third book featuring Ash Carter and, having reread Singapore Girl, I couldn’t wait to delve into the third book. Disclaimer I have worked with Murray before, I have been lucky enough to receive a collection of books from Murray himself in exchange for honest reviews. 

This time Ash is at a loose end and earning money as a boxer at a fair. But then he’s approached by a stranger with a mystery, he takes up the challenge and goes into the middle of Malaysia to a mining community. Ash goes undercover with ex-Army men offering protection to the tin mine and rubber plantation. To make things a little more complicated, there are other cases ongoing which need attention, including the potential poisoning of the local water supply. The local doctor is dealing with increasing numbers of very sick villagers and is convinced that the tin mining business is responsible for poisoning the water. 

Ash is far out of his comfort zone, but the only way to discover the truth is to risk his own neck and follow in the footsteps of the victim. The tin mining industry seems to be at the hearts of these irregularities. As always with Murray’s writing, nothing is quite as it seems, with the potential of corruption, deceit, and arguments flaring all over with life-threatening sequences. Ash, as always, is a great main character – so well developed and a believable main character. His relationships with the other characters are consistent throughout and well thought out. 

I love that it was clear that Murray has done a lot of research into the time period and geographical social norms and locations have been used brilliantly. Once again it was clear Murray had done his research this time on the Malayan Emergency, he captures the conflicts of interest of the various factions and the political manoeuvrings while bringing to life the contrasting landscapes, of Singapore and the jungles of Malaysia, to life in a very evocative way. 

It's an action-packed adventure with an intelligent plot that is intricate enough to ensnare the reader but not so convoluted that the poor reader is lost while being believable and factually correct. I loved the plot development and the pacing of the story it’s a book that keeps you on your toes it’s also an entertaining and relaxing book. As with the other book in this series, there are more twists, turns and red herrings as Ash works out what’s really going on. Murray has a wonderful talent while writing by making you think you know how his books are going to end without giving anything away then bam! I honestly can’t recommend this series enough. 

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