Happy first blog birthday to me!

Hello Readers,
Happy first blog birthday to me, Happy first blog birthday to me!

This post marks one year since I started blogging on the 15th of April 2018 and I want to say thank you to every single person who reads my posts, retweets my post and just for the support I have received since I started.  I love being part of the bookish community and it has been a lovely part of my life for the last year. Thank you again, too all the PR people, authors and bookish friends that have made this possible. I will be honest I thought my blog would disappear and no one would actually want to read what I have say and here we are.

In honour of a year, I asked some of my friends and family what their favourite post was.

I have my top three then I will share others
Was the first review I published, I remember being so worried that no one would actually read it and when it got to 10 views, I messaged everyone who knew I had started a blog like “guys people are reading my review”

Was the first book I got sent Thank you Jamie again) and it might be a little shameful to admit but I still have the envelop it came in. It has my name and from Pan Macmillan on it, it will be treasured for a while in my memory box.

This is the best review I have ever done because P. C. Cast replied to my tweet, 9 year ago me lost her mind! P. C. Cast is in my twitter DM’s and I combusted into a ball of glitter and I promise again that is that last time I am going to mention it.

Now on to my friends and family’s top picks
Mother Goose’s favourite is my Smear test post because “it needs to be in your face it’s a silent killer”. This post was also one of the first post I shared with people I knew because I knew it was close to their heart and I got messages saying “I hope who ever reads it will take their first steps into a doctors and do it.” And “Omg bloody fantastic. you hit the nail right on the head!  well done you make me proud young lady”

My Aunt’s Favourite was my bullying post because It reminded her of when she was bullied.

One of my friends’ favourite was my Coppafeel post because it reminded her of comicon and to check her boobs.

Thank you again everyone