Popcorn Shed (Product Review)

Hello readers,
I was gifted this product by Popcorn Shed through Delivered Social for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are truthful and my own.

Popcorn Shed is the UK's first premium gourmet popcorn brand, mixing the nation’s love of popcorn with new and inventive flavours and textures. Popcorn Shed incorporates texture into each packet through the form of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit to create a unique taste and texture. Popcorn Shed is run by cousins, Laura and Sam. I do love the shed packaging its recognisable and clever branding each shed has its own theme and stands out. Call me what you like I love when brands aren’t afraid to do something different and stand out from the crowd with their packaging. The presentation box makes the popcorn perfect to be given as a gift (and easier to wrap). One thing I can say about Popcorn Shed popcorn is there are hardly any bits that get stuck in your teeth and this is because Popcorn Shed popcorn is made with Mushroom Popcorn Kernels.

I usually see Popcorn Shed around Christmas time and usually pick up a couple of the shed packets as stocking fillers but always forgot to grab a packet for myself or me being as organised as ever it is a wonderful hamper filler.  So, when the opportunity to sample and review some of their delicious popcorn, I jumped at the chance and here we are. Popcorn is one of my go-to snacks either sweet or savoury I’m not that picky whether I’m at the cinema, binge-watching my favourite show or catching up with friends it’s a go to. The 80g Packet on the website is £3.50 a pack while the Snack Pack Bundle the variety box contains two snack packs of the following: Berry-Licious, Say Cheese, Sweet Cheesus!, Pecan Pie, Butterly Nuts, Salted Caramel and Pop 'n' Choc and is £18.00. Here's a list of the stockist

I was lucky enough to receive two 80g packets, in Berry-Licious and Sweet Cheesus! I also got a selection of some of their smaller packets in Berry-Licious, Say Cheese, Sweet Cheesus!, Pecan Pie, Butterly Nuts, Salted Caramel and Pop 'n' Choc

This was Mother Gooses favourite to the point where she actually kidnapped the 80g box. She isn’t normally a fan of dark chocolate so I wasn’t sure if she would like it but surprise. Berry-Licious has a subtle raspberry tang to it, It’s just the right balance of both flavours.

Say Cheese
This is definitely one for the cheese lover in your life meaning me! I will take it off your hands! Despite the popcorn being softer than the others, the tangy mature cheese flavour works quite well! It’s a strong cheese flavour but it isn’t too overpowering it’s not like a blue cheese taste.

Sweet Cheesus!
Caramel and cheese, I know what you’re thinking but give it a chance. I may sound really daft but I was thinking it would be like normal sweet and savoury where you get one taste followed by the other. Nope, these two where kept separate. That’s how it tasted to me anyway and I’m not going to lie I did a bad thing a pinched most of the cheese popcorn. It’s not what you would expect however it is nice. I was also stupidly happy I got a large box in this flavour.

Pecan Pie
The pecan pie flavour tastes like a toffee popcorn but with a nutty aftertaste which is lovely. There is almost a roasted taste to it and the chunks of pecans add a lovely crunch. it was absolutely delicious! I think Mother Goose actually kidnapped the rest of this packet for her after work snack.

Butterly Nuts
This was another one of my favourites from the box. Mixing peanut butter with popcorn is the best idea ever. I love peanut butter and couldn’t wait to get to this packet but Mother Goose and I promised we would keep it till we were both off. It’s quite a strong peanut flavour and again another very moreish flavour.

Salted Caramel
The Popcorn Shed Salted Caramel was a lovely combination of chocolate and caramel with a slight hint of saltiness. The caramel is sweet, but not being sickly or sticky to touch. The flavours are balanced so well as we’ve seen in most of the other products too

Pop 'n' Choc
Pop ‘N’ Choc has the right balance of sweet and bitter to compliment the popcorn. I have a slight confession with this one this was a little too much for me, however, Mother Goose loved it so I think it’s a personal preference on this one.

I honestly would recommend Popcorn Shed popcorn as mentioned I’ve previously used the 80g shed box as a stocking filler or hamper filler and never had a complaint. Here's a link to The Popcorn Shed shop in case you've been tempted. It was so lovely and a little mind-blowing for me to be sent these amazing flavours of popcorn to review and I will definitely be recommending them to others.
L x