My top 5 Tim Burton films

Hello Readers,
Today I am finally going to rank my favourite Tim Burton films, this took a lot of time and planning but I think I have my top 5.   I am using a poster images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Let us all pretend that we’re shocked The Nightmare Before Christmas (TNBC) claimed the number one spot. I adore the film and soundtracks to most Tim Burton’s films but TNBC beats the others to the post, purely for the Jacks Lament and Oogie Boogie’s song. I think the reason I love TNBC so much is that we are the same age, no seriously I love the film as it is such a feel-good film that has slightly twisted good morals. Another reason to love TNBC is how pure Jack and Sally's romance she literally throws herself out of a window just to see Jack but don’t worry she stitches herself back together. As Jack leaves to deliver Christmas Eve to the people of the world against her warnings your heart breaks a little. Until Jack comes to his senses and then serenades Sally, and they finally realise they are perfect for one another and are simply meant to be.

Come on Tim give me the second one I’ve waited long enough (I wasn’t even born when the first one came out but that’s not the point). Again, I love the soundtrack I can't listen to the Banana Boat Song without laughing because of the scene in Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is also Mother Goose’s favourite Tim Burton film and was one of the first non-Disney films we enjoyed watching together. The dark humour throughout Beetlejuice has yet to matched in my opinion. Also, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!!

Sleepy Hollow
I promised I haven’t only picked Sleep Hollow because my doubleganger Christina Ricci is in it. I will say though this film is the reason I still kind of have an irrational fear of Christopher Walken, I saw this film possibly a little too young. I love the whole Gothic aesthetic it works so well with the tale and the cinematography is some of the best of Tim Burton's work.  This film also has some of the best quotes in Tim Burton’s work and still morbidly makes me laugh.
Ichabod Crane: It was a headless horseman…..But it was a headless horseman…No, you must believe me. It was a horseman, a dead one. Headless……You don't know because you were not there. It's all true...I... saw him. [faints]

Corpse Bride
Another one of Tim Burton’s films that has a brilliant soundtrack. I was 12 when this first came out and I still love the film. I also understand Emily’s tragic backstory of passion, romance, and her foul murder better than I did then. However, all this bad serves to make her such a lovable character all she wants to find love and wants someone to love her in return. I still adore the contrast between the land of the living against the land of the dead. The land of the living is Dickensian and has a dark colour pallet it is almost black and white. However, the land of the dead is bright and has loser social constructs compared to the Dickensian rules above. The dead are more energetic and “alive” than their living counterparts. In the land of the dead there is music, dance, and a party every time there is a new arrival. 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Tim Burton was a producer it counts. If you’ve followed me for a while you know I love a good twist on a tale and this was no different. I loved the way the factual history and fiction were blended together to create a believable film (I ran a google search checking Tim Burton's involvement the search suggestion under it was ‘is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter real?’ I’m going to let that sink in). I would also like to point out that it’s safe to say the film’s creators never intended for it to be considered an accurate historical portrayal. In the movie, Lincoln battles vampires who rely on the slave population as its food supply and want to create a nation of their own. The film has the dark gothic colour palette that you would expect for a dark tale.

Honourable mention to Mars Attacks! And Big Fish

Mars Attacks!
I can be in the worst mood ever and watch Mars Attacks! And still, laugh. The constant trolling from these aliens and let's not forget the unmissable sound they make ACK ACK ACK! Yes, I did say trolling the translator tells us humans "WE COME IN PEACE!" then the aliens start blasting and killing people. I also love the female robot/skin they create to infiltrate Congress, despite not being able to talk she has some of the funniest moments in the film.

Big Fish
This is one film that never fails to make me cry. It’s such a brilliant story about growing up and the tales that parents/grandparents tell their children/grandchildren. Will, Edward son finds it hard to believe his father and his stories and begins digging into the past and discovers his father has done many great things and, although his stories are imaginative, they happened. This film honestly has such a positive message and hits you right in the feels.