Earth's Custodians by Paul Cude

Hello Readers,
Thank you, Paul, for getting in contact with me and gifting me an eBook copy of Earth's Custodians in exchange for a review. This is the fourth book in the series you can find my review of book 1 (A Threatfrom the Past), Book 2 (A Chilling Revelation) and book 3 (A Twisted Prophecy). I’ve kept this review spoiler-free as I don’t want to ruin the book.

I loved jumping straight back into Paul’s world where we live side by side with Dragons. Paul's writing once again had me captivated and immersed from the beginning. I honestly have so much love for Paul's characters and felt like I was joining friends on this journey. Regardless of already reading three books in the series, I love that there is still more to learn about Paul's world and with each detail being revealed I love it a little more. The story flows effortlessly from scene to scene, I adore this page-turner that took my hand an told me to run on a spellbinding journey.

The world is on the brink of destruction as dark and malicious forces threaten to consume it. Peter has been captured, and The King is trapped behind enemy lines. Everything hinges on a chilling rescue attempt, deep in Antarctica. It was so easy to lose myself in Pauls writing that the scary bits honestly made me shiver and hairs on the back of my neck stick up and, in the bits, when the dragons are successful it made me hop with excitement. This book was jaw-dropping I felt a little anxious as we followed the dragon friends on their separate quests, to save the planet with surprises galore, heartache, mystery, magic and mayhem, this is another book by Paul that I could not stop reading it.

I honestly have a lot of love for this series and I think it’s purely down to Pauls writing style as he takes world-building to another level which makes his work such a pleasure to read and he paints such a vivid picture of his truly magical world its easy to picture. I can't recommend this series enough.