Goodbye 2020

Hello Readers,

This is going to be an open letter to end the year with some things I’ve learnt this year and some life updates. 

Look at this we have made it to end of December! Who would have thought this year would have planned out how it has. Who would have through smiles would be replaced by funny face masks? I remember back in January I had so much planned. Then in walked covid and tried to ruin it I think no matter how much of a positive spin you try to put on it. We still need to appreciate how hard this year has been and it's not me just being a pessimist. This year I have seen people who I thought could handle anything crumble and build themselves up constantly and the people who I thought would struggle have taken everything in their stride.

Personally, I think I kept trying to pretend everything was okay for too long this year and it’s something I am trying to work on. I kept trying to keep positive and pushing through burnouts and just not being in the right frame of mind for too long this year, but we learn and grow from our mistakes.

This year I have truly learnt to take joy from the simple things yes, I would love to see all my friends and sit in a pub having a decent meal and good catch up but were all over the UK so video chats are the way forward. Also, filters have been such a godsend this year not only for blog photos but make a group chat so much more fun I love talking to a birthday cake.

I have also had the chance to work on some behind the scenes stuff for Readers and some other side project that I can’t wait to tell you about but it’s all still top secret.


I’ve always been open and truthful with you guys and I have had some pretty big life news. I have suddenly because very allergic to something or a couple of things we are still trying to work out what so I might still be quiet, while we work out what keeps making me so sick. Side-note reactions can turn very bad quickly and even what you think might be a little blip can turn into something a lot more serious. 

So that’s that the last post of 2020,

See you all in 2021,

L x 

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