Come with me by Ronald Malfi (Gifted Book)

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Sarah, and Titan Books, for sending me a copy of Come with me by Ronald Malfi for free in exchange for an honest review.

Sorry I am going to be deliberately vague, in this review as I had so much enjoyment reading this book, I love a good twisty turn story and boy does this book deliver. This book has well-written character that are well developed and thoroughly thought out. Oh, and the author’s note is touching and significant, so please make sure you read it. There are times events in this book are that so realistic I was right beside Aaron on his quest for information. Then there were moments that were genuinely spine-tingling and supernatural.

This is one book I am glad I waited till I was out of episodes to read. This book oozes with atmosphere and apprehension the reveals, the connections, the red herrings; they just kept coming. I could not read this book quick enough. The story is dark and there is a hint of supernatural, dreams that seem real and reality that seems dreamlike. I love how Ronald has beautifully woven together the exploration of grief, the supernatural and a tense and ruthless mystery.

Imagine the last words someone says to you are “come with me” well that is what happened to poor Aaron. Aaron’s grief is profound, and I was obsessed with following him on this journey. All through the story, Aaron thinks back to things that Allison told him, things she really couldn't have known but now seem prophetic. I was constantly astonished by what was happening.

Aaron becomes completely obsessed with Allison's obsession and follows her path, risking life and limb to solve it. As he does, he uncovers surprising secrets that makes him wonder if he ever truly knew his wife. As Aaron starts to question people you can’t help but wonder alongside him questioning if one or another of the people he interviews could be the monster that he hopes to find at the end of his journey.

This is a creepy, atmospheric tale, full of suspense and menace which is all signs you should read this book.


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