My Favourite Fictional Worlds

Hello Readers,

Today I thought we would look at some fictional worlds I would like to visit. As much as I think I would love to live in these worlds full time I think I would miss my modern comforts a little too much and you know random allergies to everything. So…. Short holiday it is.

Discworld from the Discworld Series by Sir Terry Pratchett

I have actually thought about this a lot, and I even have a little route picked out. So, I would start of in Ankh-Morpork by popping into see The Librarian at The Unseen University (UU), see the post office, bank, the Golem Trust and obviously go bug Sam Vimes, Carrot and Angua at the watch. Followed by a long weekend in Überwald and spend some time with the Igors. Possibly attempt a game of Thud or ask Sybil Vimes if she needs any help with the dragons. Not quite sure how I would get there but pop into Death's Domain to annoy Albert and pet The Death of Rats and Binkie.

Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien 

I mean who grew up watching these films and doesn’t want to visit Middle Earth. I would love to just sit in The Prancing Pony and watch the world go by. I don’t think I would go straight to The Shire I would go see The Ents just sit a read with the tree buddies. From there I would go see the remains of Mordor and Isengard. I will be giving Khazad-dûm a miss but want to go to Erebor. I would also go to see the white tree of Gondor in person and I would love to go join the riders of Rohan for a ride. Ending my journey by stopping off at Rivendell before going to the Shire for a quiet life.

Camp Half-Blood from The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

I know I am too old for camp half-blood now days, but I can dream can’t I. Let us all pretend to be surprised that I would be in Cabin 13 or 20. I mean who doesn’t want to spend their summer training to be a warrior, play capture the flag or go on an adventure. Okay there is the slight side effect of not everyone coming back from a quest, and I will probably be that person “Oh look cute puppy, Mr Hades can you please get Cerberus to give me my hand back please”.

The Underworld from Hades x Persephone series by Scarlett St. Clair

Not going to lie I just to be Queen of the underworld. I love the underworld that Scarlett created and it’s not dark and dingy its full of life and I would love to visit the peaceful parts. I would also love being there to welcome new commers to the underworld and help the heal and find peace. I adore Scarlett’s Hermes and I want to be in his friendship circle badly.

Where would you visit?

L x