My Favourite Sims 4 Packs

Hello Readers,

I would call myself a hardcore Sim player but I would like to share my favourite expansions, game packs and stuff packs. Warning before we get into my choices there is a very clear theme, and I will confess I have always got my DLCs in the sale. I am using DLC cover images I have found through google I do not own any rights and am using the image purely for review purposes (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review).

Cats and Dogs (Expansion Pack)

This was the first was DLC that I brought for The Sims, and I do not regret it. My Sims hardly ever have children instead they have all the cats and dogs. I am also a total wimp and have auto aging off because no Grim Reaper is touching and of my pets. Brindleton Bay is a big coastal town surrounded by beaches and is the perfect setting to get acquainted with furry friends. Brindleton Bay is like the perfect holiday location, and I always end up building a holiday home there as it’s the perfect holiday destination out of the DLCs I own.

Vampires (Game Pack)

Do I use a lot of the wall and floor swatches more than I should, yes am I sorry for it nope. This pack unlocks Forgotten Hollow a world scattered with tombstones, withered creeping fog and with a neighbourhood with a mix of Victorian and old Transylvanian architectural style. I like the character creation for vampires as it is chock-full of items and looks, allowing you to create a new vampire as well as having the option design both your human sim from and its dark form. I did end up looking at some custom content to add to the gothic look I wanted while playing vampires, but I think that’s just me in general. Although I tend to make vampire sims that are happy to unalive themselves by standing in the sun too long despite my attempts to make them move. I should take it as a personal attack shouldn’t I.

Realm of Magic (Game Pack)

This pack game with so many cute items from familiars, new outfits, and cute build mode items. This pack unlocks the world Glimmerbrook. At first you might be underwhelmed with what you get in this secluded woodland area, but it does have portal to The Magic Realm. This is one pack I really enjoyed playing through the storyline of. I loved the whole new skill tree that unlocks spells and potions. One thing I love is bunny hop off the Cats and Dogs expansion pack is paint mode which gives you a series of brushes let you create specific markings on your pet, either completely free hand, or through a collection of stencils. I have created some wonderfully magic cats and dogs to become familiars.

Werewolves (Game Pack)

This pack unlocks the world Moonwood Mill. Moonwood Mill is a forest town with a forest-industrial aesthetic overtaken by werewolves. I like the character creation for werewolves as like vampires it is chock-full of items and looks, allowing design both your human sim from and its werewolf form BUT for your wolves fur you have the ability that you do in Cats and Dogs with the paint mode. I wasn’t sure what else other than fur I would be able to customise on a werewolf, but this pack showed me wrong you can custom their facial features like their nose and teeth. It’s important to be aware of your werewolf Sim’s temperaments because it affects their fury my first werewolf sims is a violent twat and is making no friends I really need to work on making werewolf occult sims.

Paranormal (Stuff Pack)

The sheer silliness this pack introduced to my game play was worth it all I’m going to say the undead are FLIRTY!! The fact I am obsessed with the wall swatch that came with this pack is a bonus along with how much I adore the clothing that came in this pack. The new Haunted House lot type is definitely spooky at times; full of flickering lights, suddenly appearing dolls, and plenty of things that go bump in the night. This pack brings back Bonehilda and introduces to Claude RenĂ© Dupllook’sr Guidry. Guidry is a ghost who appears after a few nights of staying in a Haunted House Lot and helps you unlock the paranormal investigator career path.

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