The Lord of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien

 Hello Readers,

I am going to use the excuse that I was eight, but I saw the film before I read the books. Apparently, I can’t say no to book series so after I reread The Hobbit obviously, I carried on The Lord of the Rings books.

The Fellowship of the Ring’s begins with the Shire and takes us on a journey through the barren lands on the way to Mordor. Frodo goes on a seeming straightforward, quest to destroy an immensely powerful and magical ring. Along the way, Frodo travels with the fellowship and like any good adventure nothing is as simple as it seems.

As the story progresses more and more obstacles appear, Frodo and his companions get scattered across Middle Earth. Some of them are forced to become warriors while some struggle to do what they feel needs done and just like us they make mistakes.

I am so sorry if you love Tom Bombadil, but he can sit on a cactus. Maybe it’s just my attention span but I found myself just skimming over his lines even when listening to the audiobook he makes me zone out.

Just a heads up if you’re thinking about reading The Lord of the Rings series it’s a large commitment like you think the extended editions are a commitment the books are 1,241 total pages. The Fellowship of the Ring: 479. The Two Towers: 415. The Return of the King: 347.

To create a fantasy world is one thing, but to breathe life and depth into not only the time you are setting your story. But also, into the different ages of that world and manage to keep all the pieces together with such impressive detail and consistency is magnificent. Tolkien is fond of lore, language, history, and legend, and as a result The Lord of the Rings is full to the brim with them all.

Many characters and places have a dozen names each which can get a little confusing at times and it took me a little of time to realise that the Mines of Moria and Khazad-dûm is the same place. Tolkien paved the way for fantasy and his creativity has laid the foundation for so many other authors and stories and authors we love today.

I am happy I reread the series and I am glad I did however I don’t think I could reread the whole series again for another 10/15 years. I’m just going to watch the films in the future.

L x