Goodbye 2022

Hello Readers,

It’s the last day of the year and what a year it has been. It’s been an interest year allergy wise, but I have also manged to get READs back up and done some wonderful collaborations. Enough sad allergy things let’s look at all the good.

This year I rediscovered my love for Sir Terry Pratchett and have been rereading the books in miniseries set inside the discworld. I started in June as I wanted to reread the DEATH books and moved on the Moist von Lipwig books. I can’t believe I forgot how funny Adora Belle Dearheart is.

This year has not only been exciting just in the world of books, but I think 2022 has set the bar for book to screen adaptions. My little black gothic heart can’t take it, vampires are back and not only are they bad ass the don’t freaking sparkle we have Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Academy and First Kill that were all amazing. I’m still mad about First Kill. Am I still in a love hate relationship with The Ring of Power yes.

I would like to say thank you everyone I have worked with this year; I have also been so lucky to read so many amazing books and been introduced to new authors. I already have something lined up for the new year and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

Happy New Year and I hope 2023 is your year.

L x