Street Siren by Tom Batt (Gifted)

Hello Readers,

Thank you so much Tom Batt for sending me a copy of Street Siren for free in exchange for an honest review.

Before we get into Street Siren just a trigger warning this book has sex workers, snuff, drug usage and murder. Please don’t be put off by such heavy subject matters this book is just mind blowing.

This book is 133 pages!!!! It’s hard to really put into words what Tom has done in this book. In only 133 pages Tom had me questioning my own morals, falling in love with his main character Devlin and told a full story.

I read the blurb I knew what I was in for, but I was fooled okay! It’s my own fault I know but was I stupid and na├»ve enough to believe it might have been slightly wrong... Yes. This book starts off really cute, fluffy and all rainbows and butterflies and then BAM! Even though it was a brief time with both the girls you can’t help but feel their connection, friendship and possibly a little bit more.

Devlin is a great main character she isn’t all perfect and had everything in her favour all of her life which makes her a perfectly flawed person. She may be a sex worker and an addict, but I was by her side through the whole book. At one point the whole 5ft2 of me was ready to throw fists. (Coming from the person who can be killed by perfume, but I digress). Devlin had me fighting with my own morals I was cheering her on, but she was murdering people (Slightly frowned upon I know) but they were awfully bad people (so it’s okay to cheer her on. No?).

As I’ve mentioned this book is only 133 pages a nice quick read BUT this book packs a punch. It’s descriptive, it's heartfelt, well written and is brilliantly fast paced without becoming disjointed and causing a disconnect with the reader. 

I cant wait to read Tom's other books and they have been added to the ever growing TBR pile. Just a little heads up and a shout out this book is on Kindle Unlimited if you want to check it out, I get nothing from the shout out I just don't want you to miss out on a good book. 

L x