Murder Mystery 2 Review

Hello Readers,

I know Adam Sandler is a little like marmite you either love or dislike him. I am fan though and loved the first Murder Mystery film, when I saw the trailer for the second one, I was stupidly excited. This review is spoiler free.

Adam returns as Nick Spitz, a retired NYC police officer who started a private detective agency with his ex-hairdresser wife Audrey played by the wonderful Jennifer Aniston but they’re struggling to make it a success. Obviously, Adam Sandler is going to read my little blog but I really want a movie where Adams character has to deal with both a Drew Barrymore character and a Jennifer Aniston character, I am actually begging for this to happen.  

After a quick catch up our main characters Nick and Audrey the story of Murder Mystery 2 starts when the Maharajah from the original film invites them to his lavish wedding in a tropical locale. This lavish event is interrupted, not only by a murder but by a kidnapping leaving everyone a suspect, including the Spitzes themselves.

I think Murder Mystery 2 might be slightly funnier than the first film. I found myself laughing out loud at many of its sillier little gags, such as Nick’s obsession with a cheese served at the wedding and some grisly fun with an axe. Without a spoiler there is one particular bit of the film near the end where I had to pause the film because I was laughing too much… Dear Reader I don’t think it was supposed to be as funny as I thought it was but here we are. 

I do think some of the comedy plays on the American tourist troupe but I’m not even mad about it, it’s done pretty well. There is also a lot of class humour in this film, and it worked well like its predecessor. Nick and Audrey struggle to make ends meet and they're thrust into a world where people toss around millions of dollars like money has no meaning. Jennifer and Adam convey the class humour without it becoming a cheap laugh.

I am not ashamed to say I think I have seen every film that Jennifer and Adam have started in together. Just go with it is still in the number one spot though. Throughout Murder Mystery and Murder Mystery 2 it is clear Jennifer and Adam are familiar with each other, and this makes them a believable married couple. They make Nick and Audrey feel very real and like they have been married for years they know each other’s weaknesses but they’re also protective of each other and their bickering is constant but good-natured.

I think Murder Mystery 2 is a good sequel and worth a watch and it to your Netflix watch list.

L x