The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope by Luke Adam Hawker (Gifted)

Hello Readers

Thank you, Octopus Publishing for sending me a copy of The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope by Luke Adam Hawker for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Title: The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope

Author: Luke Adam Hawker

Genre: Environmentalist thought & ideology

Pages: 64 pages

Cover Image:


Imagine a world without trees. A world that is in many ways like our world, but where magnificent canopies, tree climbing and leaves rustling in the breeze are something only the elderly Tree Generation remembers.

Until a young girl comes along, a girl who is brave and spirited and willing to follow where her imagination takes her. Climbing accidentally into a parallel world, where nature still exists in its purest form, Olive experiences the wonders that her own world has lost.

From the bestselling author of Together , The Last Tree is a powerful and beautifully illustrated evocation of the fragility of our natural world and a magnificent celebration of its beauty. Ultimately this is a wonderful story of hope and new beginnings.

Miniature Review

I adored this book it is so cute and I love the artwork. During this book we follow Olive's adventure to The Last Tree Museum were she embarks on a magical journey of discovery. This isn’t the only story out there that tells the story of a place with no trees the other book that comes to mind in the Lorax by Dr Seuss. Both books make my heart break a little at the thought of such a place, I do not have the touch of Persephone at all but I try. Call it morbid curiosity but I found myself wanting to know more about Olive's world, What impact did losing all trees have on society as we know it. There’s very little text in The Last Tree: A Seed of Hope, but the thought-provoking images help the message seep through the pages.

The writing is beautiful but the drawings are the stars of this beautiful book, I could spend hours looking at the artwork and notice something new in each of the beautiful pieces. I have even kept the sticker that sealed the paper around the book as its one of my favourite piece from the book. I found the story quite moving and loved how there is hope at the end of the story so the book feels optimistic in spite of the difficult messages contained within its pages. 

L x