Happy Lauren Day

Hello Readers,

First off, I would like to rethank Jamie for inviting me to the MCM bloggers brunch all the way back in 2019.  The MCM bloggers brunch will always hold a special place in my heart its where I met the other Lauren and today marks four years since we met.

The bloggers brunch from 2019 still lives rent free in my head. I had previously been to YALC and LFCC but nothing could have prepared me for how big the MCM event is. The excel centre is so much bigger than I thought it was even after watching vlogs of previous comic cons at the excel centre it didn’t prepare me.

Even though MCM was a much bigger event the bloggers brunch  more intimate as it was held upstairs near the green room. It was great being surrounded by so many likeminded people and to just talk books. The bloggers brunch was more intimate than anything I had been to before at YALC as the bloggers were sitting around tables with one space left for an author and the authors rotated around the tables. It really was delightful having the chance to meet some amazing authors in an informal setting and just talk.

Why I am I bringing it up it’s been four year I hear you cry, well dear readers guess where I am off to this Sunday. Thank Hades my allergies seem to be behaving and I am going to have a great time and reunite with my partner in crime in person. Thanks to Covid and my silly allergy disorder it’s been near impossible to try meet back up with Lauren, so finger crossed everything behaves tills next week. That is very much a future me problem.

How am I making this trip allergy friendly… a quick prayer to Hades, trusting in my new medication and a lot of faith. This will probably be the only “Huge” thing I plan for the year, and I can’t quite put into words how hard it is to keep missing out on things in case I might react. Does it seem pretty reckless maybe but cross your fingers and say a prayer to whatever deity you like… it's going to be fine.

L x

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