A Dowry of Blood by S.T. Gibson

Hello Readers,

Other Lauren and I buddy Read this book and we both loved it here’s a link to Lauren's Review.  I love anything to do with Dracula legend and was so excited when Lauren brought this book to my attention. Quick spice warning if it isn’t your thing, the spice is spicy but it’s not the whole plot of the book.  I can’t wait for An Education in Malice to be released February 2024.

A Dowry of Blood is a story about Dracula's Brides, the story is told in the form of a diary or series of letters from his first bride Constanta. I think this medium worked really well though the book as all the emotions and reactions by Constanta felt raw and all the more powerful.

The book starts as Constanta is about to die from her injuries after a riad on her village. Depending on what way you see it dear Reader Constanta was saved or cursed by a vampire who gave her the strength to avenge her family and village. It was wonderful to see Constanta transformation as she is no longer a medieval peasant, she is a bride by the vampire lord.

Poor Constanta is na├»ve at first the poor lamb she believes that the honeymoon stage will last however she gets a rude awakening when she realises that she has no say in her husband’s activities. Constanta is eventually joined by an aristocrat called Magdalena and a starving artist called Alexi, all who do their best to please their lord and creator. But as the centuries pass Constanta becomes discontented and begins to realize the evil her husband is truly capable. She soon starts to question her reliance on her husband and if she truly has escaped death.

I enjoyed watching the relationship dynamics between everyone in this polyamorous relationship shift and evolve. I would be lying to you dear Reader if I said this was my first multiparter book, it one of them tropes that is either really well done or it’s a disaster. In some books polyamory is often simplified down to just a sexual relationship. This isn’t the case in Dowry it was interesting to see how the dynamics were influenced outside of the spice and how jealousy can evolve into love and even into a sense of family.

A spicy read perfect for the approaching spooky season.

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