A Twisted Prophecy by Paul Cude Review (Gifted)

Hello Readers,
Thank you, Paul, for getting in contact with me and gifting me an eBook copy of A Twisted Prophecy in exchange for a review. This is the third book in the series you can find my review of book 1 (A Threat from the Past) and book 2 (A Chilling Revelation) on the links.  

I loved jumping straight back into Paul’s world where we live side by side with Dragons. In a world where dragons are part of a society and dragons are living underground in a parallel world to humans. Despite already reading two books in the series I still learnt a little more about Pauls world and I love it a little more.

I loved this series I think it’s purely down to Paul's writing style and he takes world-building to another level everything is a little more creative, complex and extravagant, much like many dragon’s lives. Once again, the blending of human and dragon worlds is perfect and extremely detailed. The setting is truly magical, imaginative and great fun. Can I just have a little side note here - I had a daydream while reading this series and a random thought: have I ever met a dragon? I may have met one of Paul’s dragons and I would never know. That is your laurenism for the day.

In a twisted prophecy, all the elements come together beautifully from the first two books. this is honestly the moment you've been waiting for Reprehensible plots are revealed, an considerable treasure is in the balance, and many lives at stake combine to create the crowning moment of this amazing series. Yet again Paul has created a tale with an intriguing plot that is thought-provoking and complex, troubling and language that will make you shudder for its honesty, clarity, and confidence. The tension, the subplots, the action...you'll forget you're reading and begin to cheer the fearless heroes onward in the fight of their lives.

Pauls writing once again had me captivated and had me immersed from the beginning. I honestly have so much love for the characters and felt like I was again on this journey with them. The story flows effortlessly from scene to scene, I adore the attention-grabbing moments in this page-turner that took me once again on a spellbinding journey
L x