Zombie Books That Need a Screen Adaptation

Hello Readers,

After more farewell tours than Cher The Walking Dead is finally coming to an end and boy are they dragging it out. Mother Goose loved the walking dead but now she is just watching it get it done and I can’t really comment on much as I haven’t watched it since season four and they keep saying its ending. Mother Goose and I were talking about other zombie books that would be great adapted to screen which gave me the inspiration for this post.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

The blend of science and fiction would be brilliant to see playout in a TV series and could be executed well. If this trilogy was turned into a series, it would have to balance out being informative without being overwhelming and not distract from the story.  One thing we all love a little with zombie series is seeing the morally grey area us as humans are forced to live in. In this series the uninfected can gain immunity to the infection by eating the infected. This brings in a moral dilemma and I honestly was asking myself could I step into Cat's shoes and gain a little immunity by eating a little of the infected. Another plot point I would love to see explored this series is set in a world where everyone is embedded with technology at birth, and it allows them to manipulate their DNA. A concept I haven’t seen explored outside of books let alone in a zombie series.  (Book review here)

Kill or Cure by Pixie Britton

I would love Kill or Cure to be turned into a series As Pixie takes the zombie genre and gives it her own thrilling unique twist, this it isn't your stereotypical run of the mill zombie apocalypse novel, zombies are definitely an issue in this series but the family aspect is the real focus which I think is a refreshing take on the zombie genre. The book isn’t only about survival but also how to keep yourself and your family together in the disastrous consequences of the apocalypse. The way this book stays so human throughout its trilogy is why I think this series would be great adapted to screen. Seeing this trilogy play out on screen could possibly take the zombie genre into a new area we hardly see any family focused zombie screen adaptations its tends to be the more violent the better. Just a little heads up the trilogy ending on a screen would be beyond cinematic brilliance. (Book review here)

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

While writing up Halloween content this year I realised that if given the choice between Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and Dread Nation by Justina Ireland I would watch an adaption of Dread Nation. I would love a series set within this books world not only do I love a good zombie book, but a zombie book set in the civil war. How can you not want to watch a series where a young America is trying to salvage itself during a zombie outbreak. The civil war had ended in a compromise that frees all the slave (do not get too excited) but forces them into combat schools that trains them to slay the undead shamblers (Zombies) and protect the white upper classes. Even in the face of the apocalypse, it is infuriating to read about men in positions of power being so shallow and short-sighted about their power and control…. How times have changed. (Book review here)

What Zombie book would you like to see adapted?

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