Holly Horror #1 by Michelle Jabès Corpora Review (Gifted)

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Thank you, NetGalley for giving access to an eBook copy Holly Horror #1 by Michelle Jabès Corpora for free in exchange for an honest review. The eBook I received from NetGalley didn’t have a cover image, so I am using a cover image I have found through google (Fair use under the copyright act sections 29 and 30 under use for a review)

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Title: Holly Horror #1

Author: Michelle Jabès Corpora

Publication Date: 15th August 2023

Genre: Horror fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 320

Cover Image:

Synopsis: A beloved classic reimagined with a dark twist. After her parents' painful divorce, Evie Archer hopes that moving to Ravenglass, Massachusetts, is the fresh start that her family needs. But Evie quickly realizes that her new home—known by locals as the Horror House—carries its own dark past after learning about Holly Hobbie, who mysteriously vanished in her bedroom one night.

But traces of Holly linger in the Horror House and slowly begin to take over Evie's life. A strange shadow follows her everywhere she goes, and Evie starts to lose sight of what's real and what isn't the more she learns about The Lost Girl. Can Evie find out what happened the night of Holly's disappearance? Or is history doomed to repeat itself in the Horror House?

Miniature Review

This book is the first book I have read by Michelle Jabès Corpora, and it will not be the last. I’m not going to lie I went into this book thinking it was going to be another "paranormal" book that was easily disproven or something that would miss the mark completely. I have been let down by a couple of YA horror stories recently and this book was my last hope in a way and it didn't disappoint. 

This isn’t a criticism of the horror stories I have read this year, but a lot of horrors rely on the shock factor. This book doesn’t the spookiness of this book starts off slow and starts to smoother you without you realising till it’s too late. This book reminded me of the unease that I felt reding The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich and I loved it. The Dead House has been added to my Halloween rereads for this year thanks to Holly Horror.

When a mother and her two children have nowhere else to go, they move in to a two-hundred-year-old house with a creepy past. What’s the worst that can happen? Oh, wait I know... As Evie settles into her new home, she discovers Holly’s old diary and becomes increasingly fascinated with the mystery surrounding Holly's life and death. You are just begging for trouble from the other side at this point.

Evie's an interesting character She was strong, resilient and is realistic. Poor Evie isn’t having the easiest time as her parents are going through a messy divorce, she is getting used to a new school and new town. However, the new house starts to whisper to Evie’s mind, too quiet for others to hear and starts seeing creepy visions of shadow like figures that no one else sees. I love how Michelle incorporated mental health into her book in a respectful way. Evie realises that the only way to avoid a fate like Holly's is to solve the mystery of Hobbie House.

This book is perfect for the spooky season

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