The Red Roses

Hello Readers,

As this post goes live, I should be reexploring Twickenham in preparation for seeing England vs Ireland at the women’s six nations tomorrow. It’s the first time I have been back to Twickenham since my allergy disorder so please pray for me to whatever deity you prefer. Is this a hades take the wheel situation yes, yes it is but Hades take the wheel… I say this like I wasn’t just humbled by my disorder last week.

Anyway, I wrote my last post about women’s rugby and The Red Rose’s back in 2019 as part of Women’s History Week. My post was about Women who I think need more recognition and I am so happy to say that a lot has changed for The Red Rose’s since then. Our ladies team now have 32 contracts which means that they don’t have to work alongside training any more. I am thrilled that I have been around to see this happen when I started watching The Red Rose’s the team was juggling rugby games and training alongside their day jobs.
I knew that the ladies rugby matches were a thing I just didn’t know how to attend games till after 2015. As it wasn’t till the men’s 2015 rugby world cup being held in England that I noticed The Red Rose getting any recognition and their games became more publicised.  I remember when I started going to the ladies games and the hashtags were #WatchThemGrow and #SendHerVictorious I have enjoyed watching them grow I have been lucky enough to see so many wonderful players uncap and become phenomenal players.
This is only a small step dear Reader but the fact I can now watch the ladies games on a main streaming service and not just YouTube or even a Facebook live is brilliant. Yes, there was Red Rose’s games that looked like they were filmed on a potato. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 years have in store for the ladies. I think the success of The Lioness and The Red Roses are bringing women’s sport into the forefront and I am here for it.