The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel Review (Gifted)

Hello readers,

I was given a copy of this ebook for free in exchange for a honest review

There might be some spoilers in this one I’m sorry

The Unity Game had my interest from the get go just from reading the synopsis, its slightly different from my usual type of book but excitement took over. This book is a cross between science fiction, paranormal, and mystery. Three stories develop, intertwine and reflect each other through observant and brilliantly penned narratives that left me in awe of the writing style. I found that this is the kind of book that reaches out into the reader mind wandering and keeps the cogs turning even after I finished the book. 

I can honestly say I haven’t read such a complicated, that I found as interesting.

The book focuses on three very different main characters: a human called David, an alien creature named Noce-bouk, and a ghost called Alisdair.  Every character is beautifully and masterfully connected in this book in such meaningful ways that in the end, I find myself wanting to read it over and over again.

The book is gritty in places and a quick warning: the book is rather graphic at times if you are reading the book with a chance of someone glancing over your shoulder, consider this a warning.

The three stories are unique but intertwining examination of the aspects of love; sexual, spiritual, or family. The stories focus on: A New York banker’s quest for money and success, an Alien named Noœ-bouk nearing the end of his cellular existence, and a recently deceased British lawyer discovering the richness of his afterlife.

I am honestly in awe at how each of these story lines can offer the reader different plots and styles. For example, the bankers’ tale reads like a thriller, Noœ-bouk’s journey is classic sci-fi, and the late lawyers’ story is a moralistic tale of great hope.

In all, I would highly recommend The Unity Game to anyone wanting some sci-fi with a bit more of a deeper meaning.

L x