Ruthless Magic by Megan Crewe Review (Gifted)

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Ruthless Magic by Megan Crewe is the first full length book in the Conspiracy of Magic series. There is a prequel that takes place four decades before the beginning of this story but it wouldn’t necessarily need to be read to understand Ruthless Magic.

Once Ruthless Magic gets through the background needed for the story set up, the book was non-stop action. In a not too distant future, the human race is split between people with magical abilities and those without.  The North American Confederation of Mages oversees the use of magic, and annually decide which 16 year old's will be selected to become a part of the magic world, and which ones will have their magical powers lessened so that they'll only be able to use one particular skill for professional purposes.

The story is told through alternating views from Rocio and Finn. Rocio a very talented Mage who was overlooked for the College of the N.A. Confederation of Mages because she's considered new magic as she was trained in a regular school because her family couldn't afford the Academy. While Finn, is ready to leave the Academy and move forward with his life. He was guaranteed to the College because of his family name, but he wants to get by on his own. Both Rocio and Fin must face the exam if they want to keep their magic. Otherwise, they face having their abilities dulled, both of them has something to prove not only to their families, but also themselves.

The Confederation itself is ridiculously specific, with who they want to control magic, as they only like to choose descendants of magical families rather than let "new magic" people in.  Those rejected by the Confederation have one course of appeal—they can stand for the Mages' Exam, a mysterious, brutal challenge.

While no one really knows anything about what they are about to face in the trials, they do know that what they are being put through clearly too gruelling and gruesome to be considered legal. Perhaps that's why any news about what goes on during the Exams has been kept secret. 

I found Ruthless Magic extremely well-written, it had me hooked from the beginning, the scenes are so intense, it's near impossible to put the book down. Each of the characters are well-written with great detail. I loved how Crewe decided to shift the narration of the book only between Finn and RocĂ­o; as it complements the story beautifully. I was a little afraid in the beginning that she'd alternate it among other characters, I personally find at times it can slow down the speed of the story and a little annoying but hey personal opinion.

This is the first book I’ve read by Crewe, I enjoy her storytelling and the way she builds her world.  She has created some engaging characters with real emotions and real struggles, and even gave us those to root against. There's some great action in here, some brutal magical challenges, and the pace flowed really nicely. I know there may be some people who see the words "magic" or "fantasy," it’s an instant turn off or people will immediately say, "This one's not for me." but I think this book is worth the risk so to speak.   

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  1. For me this one was a bit average but it sounds like you enjoyed this a lot more than I did. :) I did think there were interesting elements though.


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