Strange Medicine by Mike Russell Review (Gifted)

Hello Readers, 
Thank you, Jay for sending me a copy of Strange Medicine by Mike Russell for free in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the second book I have been lucky enough to receive from Mike Russell and I honestly couldn’t wait to jump back down the rabbit hole that Mike creates through his writing. 

Strange Medicine is an anthology that contains eight strange short stories that get progressively stranger the further you read. This book wasn’t a disappointment for being weird, the stories are extremely imaginative and quite brilliant. These stories take everyday situations like going to work and having a relationship, then put a weird spin on them that make you think differently about the world we’re living in. The characters and their stories make you realise that there is so much more to life, the world, the universe then we dare to imagine. Even though you don’t get a lot of time with the characters, you feel yourself connecting with them.  

The stories in this anthology are very short, one of them is only 5 pages long so this is a quick read. This collection of short stories is just a wide range of creepy, fantastically odd and whimsical tales from mimes, men who are really birds to doctors with no brains. I believe that each individual can gain something unique out of Mikes writing depending on their own mindset when they read. I am sure some people will read Mikes work just for sheer entertainment but I do get that this isn't for everyone as some would find it too far down the rabbit hole. My only complaint is that the book wasn't longer. 

If you’ve seen my previous review of Strange Secrets by Mike Russell you know that I loved his writing style. Mike’s ability to paint such vivid imagery in a few words still renders me speechless. Each story varies in length but remains well developed and wholesome. If you are convinced that short stories are not for you, I urge you to try this book; it’s very different from anything else I’ve read. I still stand by my view of Mike’s straightforward narrative paired with extremely odd and obscure subjects helped him achieve this impressive and enjoyable world.