What's in My Wonderland Candle Review

Hello Readers,
Before we get into my review, I would like to say thank you to Georgia for gifting me one of her Strawberry Scented candle for free in exchange for an honest review.

We all know how much I love my candles, wax melts and supporting small businesses so I jumped at the chance when I saw Georgia asking for people to review her candles.

Georgia’s blogs and sells her candles on What's in MyWonderland. I'll leave an active link so you guys can check it out (her blog is pretty cute).

Georgia’s candles are 100% vegan wax and are made with recyclable materials. The price for the large mason jars and the little jars that contain two miniatures have the postage and packaging included which I don’t think is too bad. However, Georgia’s products are currently only available in the UK. Currently, Georgia’s shop has two candles available Karma Vanilla and Strawberry both are mason jar candles with a screw on lid for when the candle is not in use. I can’t wait to see what other candles she will make in the future.

Now for the actual review for The strawberry candle
In all honesty, I’m usually a little apprehensive when getting a strawberry candle because sometimes I find that the artificial smell is that strong it usually gives me a headache. However, this wasn't the case with Georgia’s candles the strawberry is subtle and surprisingly real. Not overly sweet or fake and for me it is the perfect summer scent. I loved the scent and the fact it didn’t give me a headache was a bonus (even when I was sat next to it typing). Even though it is a mini scented jar it has a good long-lasting scent that stays after the candle has blown out.

I will honestly be keeping an eye on Georgia and will be making order in the near future. If like me you love to support small businesses, you may be interested in taking a look at Georgia’s shop.

L x