Heroes of Hastovia 2: Rise of the Deathbringer by Mark Boutros Review (Gifted, Paid)

Hello Readers,

Thank you, Mark, for sending me a copy of your book Heroes of Hastovia: Rise of the Deathbringer in exchange for an honest review.

I'm guessing if you’ve read my review from Monday you mustn’t be surprised these reviews are back to back. If not here my review for that one...Read it first (who am I to judge I read books out of order all the time). Also heads up it’s the second book I’m going to be referencing events from the first book so spoilers.

As with the first book in this series I read this book in one sitting. Rise of the Deathbringer takes your hand and tells you to run. This book starts with the action and doesn’t let up at all (Maybe that’s why I read it so quickly).  We are greeted by our old friends Karl, Oaf, Bar Witch, Sags, Frongs and my current character crush Questions. Also, the Man-Hawk, Arazod is back, bad dragon do not play with your food.

Some time has passed since the events in the first book and as friends do when they grow up, they drift all over and that is what happened to our bunch of misfits. However, its Karl’s birthday Sags, Frongs and Marlens are back from their latest great adventure being back a wonderful magical gift.

Back to beak brain (Before you get judgy Mark knows I don’t like Arazod) So it turns out my favourite villain has a sister who’s worse than he is. I almost felt sorry for him…… (Begrudgingly) okay his character development in this book is beyond remarkable and I possibly a tiny smidge like him now. Also, someone I didn’t mention from the first book is Sabrinia, her development and storyline are well thought out, believable and yet awe-inspiring and remarkable.

This book is just as witty and funny as the first and we still have some cracking one-liners. However, this one feels a lot weightier and I think that’s due to the fact I am now emotionally invested in Marks characters and world. I adore the fact Questions and Oaf have a family and I appreciate the extra layer this brings to this story. Also how everyone has grown and been affected by the events in the first book is great to see. Yes, I just want to look after everyone.

For me, this was a wonderful adventure back into Mark’s world and I loved exploring more with our little gang of adventures. The world is well thought out and developed and I admired the new races and creatures we met along the way. I think this is one of one the worlds I would like to visit but only for a day there are way too many things could kill me.

You really are in for an epic adventure with Heroes of Hastovia.  I can’t wait to see that book 3 holds because that ENDING!!!!

L x

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