Christmas gift guide 2020 (AD)

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Yes, I am this organised this year surprise!! Yes, I know I am early but you know how excited I get for Halloween and I will forget to organise it on time like I have the last two years. See that I’m learning! As with last year’s guide I have worked with some of the brands I am including as always, I will disclose this after the company’s name in the subheading and they haven’t asked me to include them. I will also be including links to socials instead of the store so you can see all the beautiful things they make yourself. Okay one had but I put a call out on twitter and I will disclose this too. So now all the admin is out the way here we go…

Hulu (Gifted Product)

Hulu’s Candles, Snap Bars and Melts are made from Soy wax and are hand-poured in Yorkshire. If you missed my review of my care package, I was kindly sent I’ll link it here. I've already mentioned the Candles, Snap Bars and Melts but it would be rude to not also mention the Bath Salts, Reed Diffusers and Bath Bombs. Also, bonus points Hulu’s products are posted in recyclable containers and even the bubble wrap is biodegradable.

The Onyx Studio (Friends New Store)

The Onyx Studio has no idea they are on my gift guide surprise! The Onyx Studio is an Etsy store that is all about resin from combs, coasters to earrings they have you covered. I am so in love with the store and I keep checking in to see the new designs.

Crafts from The Spare Room (Gifted Product)

Crafts from The Spare Room makes the cutest book sleeves I’m not just saying that because I was gifted a bat one. I love checking her Instagram to see all the new fabrics so fellow book worms keep your eyes out. Crafts from The Spare Room also makes beautiful cards, gift tags and so much more. Everything is beautifully handmade and I can vouch the book sleeves can take a bit of abuse.

Awfully Posh (Gifted Product)

Awfully Posh has hit the balance perfectly with their pork cracklings these pork cracklings have a delightful non-greasy texture and don’t make your fingers icky which is perfect for on the go. Buckle in, okay now you’re prepared for the ingredient list we have pork ride and salt. That is, it no rubbish, no e-numbers and no MSG. Also, no hairy bits! If you missed my review its linked it here.

Royal Creates (Friends New Store, Gifted)

It is no real secret that I am obsessed with notebooks. Well, it just so happened my wonderful friend now creates and binds their own and was cute enough to send me one cause I’m the best friend ever. They also have no idea they are on my gift guide surprise! The notebook has already been through a lot bless it and it's not given into the abuse or pressure I have put it under.

Pankhurst Gallery (Replied to my Twitter shout out)

Julia Pankhurst has always had a gift for painting and after some years at Epsom Art School, she spent a summer earning money as portrait artists. At that age where things start to get more serious, painting sadly fell to the wayside. However, in 2010 Julia rediscovered her love of painting and hasn't stopped since. I am so glad Julia did and for a little treat go to her website and hunt down Brian, you will fall in love. Julia's work is available on Greeting Cards, Mugs, Magnets and Prints.

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