The Next Innings by Rama Ramani Review (Blog Tour)

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Title: The Next Innings

Author: Rama Ramani

Genre: Suspense fiction

Release Date: September 14, 2020 on Kindle

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Rama Ramani's The Next Innings is a suspense fiction novel that employs the stream-of-consciousness technique at times. It interleaves time and life of a set of people, with various twists and turns. The primary plot is setup with Vishwanathan, a life coach, living in Chennai and a young couple, Jagan and Lakshmi, moving to San Francisco. What happens when their lives intersect forms the crux of the plot. Vishwanathan lives in Maaya's Presence with his humanoid assistant, Corlexa, and his dog, Future. There is a hidden room in the mid-flight landing which has a spiral stairway. Maaya's Presence is a state-of-the-art apartment complex circular in shape and built with glass. Simple love stories can carry profound meanings too. Two Indians, Lakshmi, an educator, and Jagan, an IT engineer, bump into each other in a bus. Unknown to them, their lives are about to take on new, unexpected directions as they fall in love and move to San Francisco after marriage. Cricket is fused into the story line via the character of Sandhiya Rajalakshmi. Sandhiya achieves her dream and takes Indian Women's cricket to great heights and also leads a local Women's Premier League team, the Chennai Wolverines. She works together with Thala, who joins the team as a head coach as his next innings.


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