Finch App Review

Hello Readers,

Well, this a first I don’t think I have reviewed an app before but here we are.  It was Lauren who discovered this app and let me know she was going to be trying it out back in January and of course I jumped down the rabbit hole with her. I have been using the app ever since and Bailey now looks super extra. 

I remember when I downloaded the app, I was a little unsure having having a little bird that checks up on would work. But that little cute face does, one of my favourite tasks in the app is setting the daily goals for the next day nothing is too out there and can really help on the days where you feel low.

The Finch app and Bailey manages to cheer me up on both days where I’m making Hades regret letting me wake up and for days when I could just go hide in the underworld for 6 months. This app has been designed to help people and has put people before profit there are no microtransactions and no ads in this app.

The free version of the Finch app provides plenty of activities on its own, with goals, reflections, stretches, breathing exercises, and that’s just off the top of my head. The first aid zone that focuses on grounding, breathing, venting and has a helpline is also free to use. To the developer’s credit, the free version of the app functions properly and is more than useable and doesn't constantly hound you to upgrade to the paid version, you can enjoy all the free features with no spammy ads.

I love the simplicity of the app, no games, no login in daily pressures you just hang out and raise your finch. I enjoy the little reminders from just a well-wishing notification to the reminders to slow down at bedtime.

One feature I adore on this app is that you can send your bird to check in on your friends and they can go on adventures together. You have a selection of well wishes you can send to friend multiple times a day. I think I usually send Bailey to visit Lauren and Kylo with either strength or calm. It’s a nice way to still stay in contact if you are both in a low contact and mental health struggle and shows that you both still care.

L x