Silver Rain Silver Earrings

Hello Readers,

This post is not sponsored but I love these earrings and for the first time in 10 years I have manged to keep my studs in for over a month, thanks to Silver Rain Silver. I remember a couple of years ago I tried to look at alternate earring backs as I hate the butterfly backs.

In over 20 years of having my ears pierced I have never found earrings as comfortable as these. I remember getting desperate a couple of years ago and looked at flat backed labret bars but panicked myself I would unintentionally stretch my ears. My grandma stretched her ears wearing heavy hanging earrings for years and it engrained a slight ick in my brain it’s a me thing.

This is going to sound a little odd but stay with me dear Reader I noticed the earring themselves screw in really far into the ball at the back which is something that always slighting concerned me with having a different type of earring back like the flippy thing. However, theses earing do not move I haven’t even had to tighten up the backs since I got them although I keep checking. The ball fastening doesn’t irritate me at night like traditional earring backs. They have joined me in hospital, and I had no issues sleeping on a hospital pillow with them.

They are well made and are so easily customisable and you can easily create earring stacks on the website. I created a stack for my double lobe pricings using then Moonstone Screwback Earrings in Sterling Silver and Moon and Star Tiny Screwback Earrings in Sterling Silver, Asymmetric Stacking Earrings. Both of these sets stacked better than I imagined and look beautiful in the light and compliment my tragus piercings.

They are honestly so comfortable to wear and look beautiful. One thing I will say is please don’t be put off by a screwback if you have long nails, I have natural long nails and I had no issue lining up the earring and the back despite my previous concerns.

Everything is created by Emma all the jewellery is of sterling silver and are hand crafted in small batches using lost wax casting method (Emma wrote an interesting blog post about the lost wax casting method), nothing is mass produced. Silver Rain Silver doesn’t just to screwback earrings. Silver Rain Silver also stocks rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants charms to mentions a few of her other products.

L x