Cover Reveal: Enemies Closer by Tom Batt

Hello Readers,

Today I have a cover reveal spotlight for you today. I love Toms work after reading Street Siren and was beyond excited when he reached out asking if I wanted to help promote his new book. If this next book is anything like the magnificent writing in Street Siren, you are in for a treat dear Reader. 

Title: Enemies Closer

Author: Tom Batt

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Pages: 97(kindle) 166 (Paperback)

Cover Image:


Jaded police detective Mike Palmer has been trying to take down suspected bank robber Donovan Carter for eighteen months. However, this pales in comparison when Mike’s ex-wife threatens to take their daughter away to another country and he needs a lawyer to fight her for custody. Mike turns to Donovan for money and is enlisted by him to help pull off his next heist. Donovan has his own problems too; under the thumb of a dangerous gangster forcing him to perform the heists to pay off a debt and keeping his crimes hidden from his wife. As the former adversaries work together on Donovan’s biggest heist to date, they also have Mike’s partner Jade Edmonds closing in on them, hoping to take them down.

You can pre-order Enemies Closer here

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