Podcast Recommendations

Hello Readers,

I haven’t given any podcast recommendations in a while. I have a confession dear Reader’s with my new reaction brain I find it hard to listen to new audiobooks. I love finding comfort in familiar stories which has lead me to find new podcasts. It’s not really a huge commitment if I don’t like it after a while I can just walk away. If you have been from the very beginning my taste in podcasts (My first podcast post) has change there is hardly any true crime any more. There is no negative feeling or insult to my previous recommendations my podcast taste changed.

Girls Next Level by Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt

Average run time: 1 hour

I remember watching The Girls Next Door when I was younger and have read both of Holly’s book and reviewed Down the Rabbit Hole. I love this podcast and I love how raw and honest both Holly and Bridget come across and how neither of them are afraid to speak out about the experience you both had, good and bad. For me personally this podcast is like catching up with an old friend and occasionally I remember the episodes along with them and I’m like “Ohh that makes more sense”. One thing I do remember while watching The Girls Next Door is that it felt a lot was being hidden, they were trying to pit the girls against each other, and it wasn’t really a true portrayal of what it was really like. I was a teen when The Girls Next Door aired in the UK and I saw through the bullshit. I really am enjoying going through the series with Holly and Bridget and hearing their truth finally.

Workin’ on it by Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor

Average run time: Average run time: 1 hour

I kept seeing Workin’ on it on TikTok and finally gave in and I am so glad I did. I love the guests they have; fun and you can’t help but laugh along with them, and love hearing the questions from listeners. I’m in awe with Daryl and how sweet he is to Meghan and I am not settling for anything less when I meet someone. It is totally selfish but I use this podcast to pull me out of the dark when it starts to creep in. Their laugh, energy and general happiness is infectious and it soon scares the gloom away.

Death by Dying

Average run time: 35 minutes

This podcast is absurd, brimming with wit and pleasantly grim. Dear Reader, you know them people who laugh when they shouldn’t that is me and when I tell you this podcast has pulled out them laughs. Death by Dying is somehow a perfect balance of unexplained weirdness, humour, and genuine reflections on friendship, death, and loss without being too ominous. The tales are quick and smart, a witty combo of dark topics and random silliness but remains heartfelt and moving. It just works dear Reader.

Welcome to Night Vale

Average run time: 20 minutes

The writing is excellent and the acting incredible. I love how this podcast is set up like a radio broadcast including the weather. It’s such a great concept that I think could have been marmite. I love the variety of paranormal and supernatural experiences this podcast has highlighted. Yes, there are aliens and secret government conspiracies why wouldn’t there be. Night Vale is full of humour, inspiration and hope.

L x