Bloodlines by Chris Bishop (Gifted) Blog Tour

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Today I am on blog tour for Bloodlines by Chris Bishop. I would like to say thank you to Becky, and Literally PR, for reaching out and inviting me on the tour for Bloodlines by Chris Bishop and for sending me a physical copy of the book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Title: Bloodlines

Author: Chris Bishop

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 304

Cover Image:


Wessex 893 AD

As the threat of yet another Viking invasion looms over his troubled realm, Alfred, King of Wessex, reviews and strengthens his defences.

Among his many concerns is the fate of Edward, his stable boy, who he believes to be the bastard son of revered warrior Matthew, who died serving the Saxon cause. If his heritage can be proved, Edward is not only heir to vast fortune but, more importantly, he has the blood of a warrior in his veins - something the Saxons are likely to need in spades.

More worryingly, Alfred fears that if Edward's true lineage ever became known, there would be those who might seek to exploit him or, worse still, use him to usurp Alfred's rule. He confides in just two of his closest advisers and they conspire to send Edward to the relative safety of Wareham on the pretext of having him train Governor Osric's magnificent black stallion, a horse thought to be all but unrideable.

Edward is treated with disdain when he reaches Wareham and regarded as being too puny to be a warrior. However, when the barely-trained members of the fyrd find themselves outnumbered, isolated and confronting a dreaded Viking warband, it is Edward's quick thinking and extraordinary courage that leads them to victory, leaving no doubt about his true bloodline.

Author Bio:

Chris Bishop was born in London in 1951.  After a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor, he retired to concentrate on writing, combining this with his lifelong interest in history.

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Miniature Review

Old habits die hard dear Readers and here I am jumping in book four of a series, at this point why change a habit of a life time. Even though this is book four it can be read as a standalone book and everything made sense, or at least to me it did. I’m sure there were some little easter eggs I missed but I really didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I have added the other books in the series to every growing TBR.

It’s clear that Chris has done a lot of research for Bloodlines. This book focuses on the Saxons and their history which I know a little about, but I was team ancient Egypt and ancient Greece in school. Not only is the book full of Saxon history but it is also a book filled with great characters and an engaging story. The whole story is woven together beautifully with vivid scene setting and strong, memorable characters. Thanks to Chris's research and writing style it was effortless to experience what it would have been like to be a Saxon living on the south coast. Chris does a wonderful job of helping us the reader know what’s going on through dialogue by having the characters inform us of what everyone in the story is already aware of. This is a great book and worth a read for anyone who loves historical fiction. 

L x