Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now Review

Hello Readers,

I loved this documentary if you have Netflix add it to your watchlist. I have seen a fair few music artist documentaries and listened to a fair few autobiographies but this one really hit home. I will start by saying I think Lewis is great and I love following him on TikTok on days after a reaction when I can feel the sad clouds coming in, I will pop onto his account as he never fails to make me laugh.

How I’m Feeling Now can be split into two sections despite being one film. The first part of How I’m Feeling Now investigates how Lewis feels regarding his skyrocketing fame, how he stays grounded and what’s next. This documentary doesn’t shy away when talking about mental health and Lewis’ Imposter Syndrome.

It’s hard to watch Lewis confess to his lack of confidence in his song writing. Seeing how Lewis’ humour and silly social media persona disguises his crippling panic attacks and it was a little heart-breaking to witness. Lewis is unsurprisingly blunt throughout this documentary and throws some brilliant one liners at you. Lewis talks openly about his struggle with Tourette’s syndrome and anxiety.

Lewis mentions he’s in therapy and he how he’s doing stuff to try keep good mental health and not implementing them once it’s too late. As someone who’s currently in therapy for coming to terms with my medical condition it kinda hits home. I’m a pain in the ass for trying to implement things too late once my mood has started to drop.

The second half of the film traces his diagnosis and beginnings of his recovery from the condition triggered by the intense pressures of fame. ty and panic attacks. If you strip this documentary down its documentary about a regular guy who suffers from anxiety and just happens to have sold over 10 million records.

We need to protect this man at all costs

L x